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Royal Investment

Success Oriented


Royal Investment AG is your professional partner with customized solutions for successful project investment and 
management. Our Global Investment Boutique hosts the most exclusive projects. We offer investors to be partners
in the potential for success and high returns. Royal Investment is managed by its board of directors and
professional consultants, and is dedicated to creating value for our clients. The core values of our company are trust, partnership, responsibility and independence. We set very high goals for ourselves and we know that our investors always expect the best. Our team always appreciates demanding customers who push us to deliver the 
highest performance. We are only satisfied if our customers are satisfied.

Setting off with the vision of "becoming an innovative world brand with a global value in the sectors in which it operates", Synergy Group serves you in order to protect the reputation it has earned with its high quality level and reliability, to increase its capacity with stable investments and to meet the intense customer demands at a higher rate.
Synergy Group Suisse (Switzerland) AG is part of Royal Investment AG,

whose specialization is project management and investment. Synergy Group Suisse (Switzerland) AG,
headquartered in Zug, contributes to Royal Investment AG with a structure that includes projects
Health Care and Fragrance & Beauty Industry as well as projects.
Synergy Group Suisse (Switzerland) AG has been selected as a hub to manage the global market activities of Royal Investment's international investors. Synergy Group Suisse (Switzerland) AG is one of the leading companies
in Switzerland with project and high return potential. 

Synergy Group

a member of  ROYAL INVESTMENT network

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Synergy Group

a member of  ROYAL INVESTMENT network

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We are building a new generation of smarter and more competitive brands.

In line with the demands of our customers, we work intensively with all our teams to bring refreshment, dynamism, quality and aesthetics to people's lives in various fields. We shape the future with our values on this path we set out with the vision of being an original and innovative world brand with international values in many fields. By observing all world trends and changing lifestyles in many sectors, Synergy Group combines a professional and experienced 
perspective from the past with an innovative perspective on the future. 


Value Creation

Royal Investment enjoys full autonomy in its organization and absolute freedom in management. Because, in our opinion, this perspective is the best guarantee of real freedom of thought in our investments.

Share Invest

We exist to give forward-thinking traders like you access to thousands of financial markets, who see opportunities that others can't. Royal Investment AG has made it its mission to add value to the investor community with its business ideas and projects based on it, and its unique approach. In this context, company shares offer investors the opportunity to become a partner of each project.

Heritage is not only "gold or silver", but also the peace it provides, the pleasure produced by its surroundings, and always security. We are committed to ensuring that the outcome of the mission you entrusted to us meets these motivations.


Our Partners

Independent Audit, 
Notary & Legal advice, Accounting


Our Digital Share
Solutions & Tokenization

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Aware of Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

As Royal Investment,
we believe that it is necessary to give meaning to our investments by supporting companies that invest in human protection in the long term. We believe that spreading this awareness beyond collective responsibility with our social responsibility projects we have developed with Synergy Group will set an example for other companies.

MaxCare Social Responsibility
MaxCare Social Responsibility

Heart Of Switzerland


"Together We Are Stronger" 

MaxCare - Social Responsibility 
Project Contribution

With each product you buy,
as MaxCare Healthy Life we aim to support children in need by donating masks and disinfectants.

Cooperation on behalf of social responsibility with;


Your MaxSafe Family

"Clean Hands Protect Lives" 

MaxCare - Social Responsibility 
Project Contribution

Get support from MaxSafe cleaning services for the satisfaction of your employees,
who are directly related to your working efficiency.

Cooperation on behalf of social responsibility with;

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