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Operational value creation initiatives vary, but typically focus on achieving certain strategic objectives such as expansion through an organic or acquisition-based growth strategy, improving operational effectiveness through a number of focused operational projects, or through capital management.

All strategic initiatives are guided by our high ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards and aim to create lasting, positive impact for all of our stakeholders.

Royal Investment AG is  specialized in making direct equity investments in
private and public companies not only in EU but in emerging markets as well having its offices located in both Canton Zug, Frankfurt, Dubai and Istanbul.  

By acquiring a controlling or significant minority stake in private or
public companies  in EMEA region,  Royal Investment is mainly focused on
Health Care, retail, food, IT, healthcare and logistics sectors.  

Royal Investment is currently looking for opportunities from privatization tenders as  well as  investment opportunities in EMEA region on the sectors mentioned above  with %30 expected annual profit . We work collaboratively and identify opportunities for our investors where we can maximize returns without excessive risk.

We invest in companies with growth potential, a solid business model and always work closely with committed and professional management teams. Our best asset is not our capital,
but our knowledge and ability to create value and build strong companies.
We care about the legacy of our work and we are passionate about
building long-lasting businesses.

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