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Aesthetics in the world

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Looking well-groomed and young, delaying aging by taking timely precautions has become a trend that is chasing everyone, men and women. This trend has created a huge aesthetic market in the World.

In recent years, the sector has been growing at an average of 10 percent annually. While increasing demand increases the number of medical aesthetic centers and hospitals, investments are increasing day by day.

Although photo filtering applications can help create a better image, unfortunately, it is not a permanent solution! Those who are not satisfied with these temporary effects want to benefit from plastic surgery for a more permanent solution.

Many plastic surgery clinics around the world report that the number of surgery applications has increased during the corona virus period. The reason for this increase is the convenience of hiding surgeries with a mask or staying at home.

According to research by the BBC, some clinics in the USA, Japan, South Korea and Australia are explaining an increase in lip fillers, face lifts and nose surgeries.

Recent international studies have revealed that plastic surgery continues to rise worldwide. According to the results of the International Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures Survey, it was revealed that nose and breast aesthetics are the most commonly performed aesthetics by under 18s in the world, while Turkey ranks 11th among the countries with the highest number of aesthetic procedures.

Experts, who say that the aesthetics market has entered a rapid growth trend in the last five years in Turkey, predict that this growth will increasingly continue in the coming period. Although there is no clear data on the size of the aesthetics economy in Turkey at the moment, sector representatives estimate that the market has a size of over 2 billion dollars.

Recently, aesthetic surgery trends are grouped under three main headings: naturalness, health-beauty and quick recovery. Exaggerated changes are no longer made as in the past. The understanding of 'good aesthetics is aesthetics that is not understood' is increasingly dominant. This causes an increase in non-surgical operations such as filling and toxin.

It is not only the Turks who carry out these operations in Turkey. Foreigners also preferred Turkey more for aesthetic applications. According to the data of the Private Hospitals and Health Organizations Association, although Turkey's tourism revenues decreased by 30 percent in 2016, the income increase in health tourism was 5 percent.

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Health tourism is divided into three as spa, aesthetic-cosmetic and medical. The biggest increase among these items in 2016 was in aesthetics and cosmetics. In fact, Turkey is among the top 10 countries where the most aesthetic operations are performed in the world. While the number of patients coming to Turkey for health tourism was 110 thousand in 2010, it has increased to over 600 thousand today.

The biggest demand of tourists coming for aesthetics is non-surgical filling and toxin applications. Breast augmentation, liposuction (fat removal), hair transplant and face lift are the most requested surgical procedures.

The fact that too many aesthetic operations are performed in Turkey has carried the success of Turkish doctors beyond the borders of Turkey. The number of plastic surgeons in Turkey has also increased significantly in the last five years. The number of plastic surgeons, which was 509 in 2011, reached 1,200 in 2016.

Another important reason for the increase in foreign patients is the price advantage. Diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions are performed with the same technical and technological devices as in developed countries. Despite this, higher prices are demanded in other countries compared to Turkey.

Aesthetic tourism grows every year when Turkey's price advantage is combined with the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction of the patients. As a result, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Spain, Finland, Iraq, Bulgaria, Algeria, TRNC, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Syria are also Every year, thousands of patients from many countries, including Turkey, come to Turkey for treatment.

In the world, the aesthetics market is expected to exceed 10 Billion Euros in 2022. The total number of operations is estimated to reach 4.5 million.

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