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Royal Investment
Digital Shares Invest


Blockchain Technology

Royal Investment AG is  expanding its footprint in Switzerland.
The company’s goal is to empower a more diverse pool of investors and introduce them to institutional-grade opportunities in the digital share market through its cutting-edge blockchain solution.

Digital Transformation
Using Swiss Trust Chain

Swiss Trust Chain enables you to redefine your services,

processes and business relationships. We bring trust, transparency and collaboration in the digital world to a new level.

Use Swiss Trust Chain to offer your customers services completely digitally and with the utmost confidentiality and, in turn, to perfect the customer experience. Discover new business opportunities with other innovators via our ecosystem and take the next step towards digital transformation. Swiss Post and Swisscom provide the blockchain infrastructure.

The Advantages For You

As a Swiss Trust Chain user you’ll enjoy a number of advantages:

  • Blockchain as a service: use, maintenance and operation are included. 

  • All data remains in Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction is Switzerland.

  • Swiss Post and Swisscom are responsible for Swiss Trust Chain. Two established Swiss companies that enjoy a high level of trust and guarantee reliability. 

  • Access only for permissioned users.

  • The infrastructure meets industry-specific, regulatory requirements (e.g. pharmaceutical sector).

  • Lower energy consumption and greater control as no proprietary infrastructure is needed.

  • The pricing model is as simple as a mobile subscription: an all-inclusive flat rate applies.

Digital Asset Value Creation/Invest

How to get your shares? How to become a Royal Investor?

A Group, B Group and C Group Shares in Royal Investment AG will be stored in a hyperledger - a distributed blockchain share registry run by and backed by Swisscom and SIX. This allows our investors to buy and transfer shares with the click of a button.


1.  The investor chooses the most suitable project from the Project Portfolio of Royal Investment AG and contacts
Royal Investment AG.


Royal Investment
Digital Shares Invest

Platin A


2. Royal Investment AG
presents Platin A Share specifications and documents to the investor.



3. Mutual Agreements are signed as a result of favorable conditions for both parties.

Daura Platform
Royal Investment Digital Shares

Ch Dra.png

4. Investor Opens an Account on Daura Digital Shares Platform as Investor and then sends a purchase request for Royal Investment AG Platin A shares through Daura Platform.


Royal Investment AG

Success Oriented

5. Royal Investment AG examines the request and proceeds to the investment transaction from the Daura Platform and then gives thr consent to continue.


6. The Investor, transfers the approved amount to Royal  Investment AG’s approved bank account in Switzerland with the Platin A Share Investment Code. (Closed Account).

Royal Investor

Royal Investment AG

7. With the approval of both parties, the investor becomes a Royal Investment AG Shareholder. Royal Investment AG shares are transferred to the investor via Blockchain, then he transfers the amount from the Closed Bank Account to Royal Investment AG’s account. (Open Account).

Swiss Trust Chain
Blockchain Technology


Royal Investment AG
Digital Shares

8. Royal Investment AG
Platin A shares on Blockchain are transferred to the Investor's Account.

9. You are a

Royal Investor

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